Buddha Maya Gardens Hotel

Located in a calm and serene area of the Lumbini World Heritage Garden.. Located in a calm and serene area of the Lumbini World Heritage Garden, the Buddha Maya Garden Hotel and Resort lies just over five minutes walk from the main temples of Lumbini. Wake up to the sound of birdsong and spiritual hymns, and take a morning walk through the sacred gardens enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, which is highly conducive to meditation and reflection. Buddha Maya Garden has comfortable rooms, and friendly, knowledgeable staff who can help you plan your visit to the magnificent monuments and monasteries and the fascinating nearby archaeological ruins. Buddha Maya Garden Hotel and Resort is managed by the famous Kathmandu Guest House, the Asia’s leading budget hotel with 35 years of experience in the travel industry in Nepal.
- 70 fully air-conditioned rooms - 10 Apartment stly AC rooms - 24 hours silent generator back-up - Attached bathroom - Telephone & in-room Internet Service - Paid Wi-Fi Service - Communication Center - 24 hours Reception & Cashier - Multi-Cuisine Restaurant & Bar - Ample Parking for pricate car & bus - In-house Meditation Grotto - Jogging Track & Lotus Pond - Laundry Service - Convienient & Gift Shop - Conference Hall & Facilities
Lumbini has a wealth of cultural activities to do while visiting. Apart from the main international temples situated close to the hotel, we highly recommend hiring a bicycle to explore the sites a little further away, and hiring a car to take you to the ancient ruins of Kapilovastu is also well worth while. Within walking distance from the hotel you will discover: - Maya Devi Temple - a relief depicting the nativity. - Ashoka Pillar - a stone pillar erected by Emperor Ashoka in 249 B.C. to mark the birthplace of Buddha. - The Sacred Pond where Buddha's mother bathed after giving birth. - Eternal Peace Flame. - Myanmar Temple - A gleaming gold and white structure soaring in the sky. - Gautami Nuns Temple - A replica of the Swayambu Stupa in Kathmandu. - Chinese Temple - An impressive gathering of pagodas and prayer rooms in the middle of which is placed a huge statue of Buddha. - Korean Temple - A finest architectural representation of Korea. - Vietnamese Temple. - Bajrayana's ritual place. - Dharma Swami Vihara. - Marker Stone. - Many other ancient archeological ruins. Places to visit by three-wheeler or mountain bike: - Lumbini Museum where you can find for Mauryan Kushana coins, religious manuscripts, terra-cotta, stone and metal sculpture and icons - Lumbini International Research Institute which provides 12,000 books and periodicals on religion, philosophy, art and architecture - IUCN Wetland Park - to see the extremely endangered antelope blue bulls (Nilgai), Sarus cranes and other wetland birds - Japanese Peace Stupa - Nepal's tallest Buddha statue - Thai Temple - Sri Lankan Temple and Guest House, and 18 more monasteries of India, Germany, and many international Buddhist organizations.

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