One Day - Alaknanda Cruise Tour

We are currently offering Morning and Evening Cruises on board our flagship, the Alaknanda.
Morning Cruise offers a splendid view of the entire riverfront and the river bathed in the golden sunrise. The slow cruise allows the viewer to take in every detail of the magnificent heritage at each of the 84 ghats.
will allow you to see the sun setting over the skyline, often with beautiful hues that lend a delicate tint to the river, as well as witness the Ganga Aarti – the daily ritual of offering devotion to the holy river Ganga – held at several ghats almost simultaneously. You can release floating wishing lamps into the dark river from the safety of our after deck. This trail of merrily twinkling lights will float gently downstream, as you enjoy an exclusive view of the well-lit ghats.

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